Simply styled


Can you believe it's December already?

Mentally I'm stuck somewhere in October, dreaming of warmer weather and festivities - in reality Christmas is just a couple of weeks away. Queue the panic!


If you've been busily decking the halls with bells and holly and are looking for a simple, inexpensive and fragrant wreath idea to impress your guests (or just impress the postman) then you are in luck.


To make this you will need:

  • wire (thin enough to handle yet thick enough to attach the greenery)
  • fine fishing line
  • rosemary (or any herbs / foliage you like)
  • scissors

It's about as easy to assemble as you might imagine. Firstly make a circle of wire at the size you would like. If you are using thin wire it's best to double it over for added stability. Next use the fishing line to attach one stem of rosemary to the wire. Overlap the next sprig under the end of the first piece and follow all the way around until you reach the start. You can adjust pieces at the end to even it out if necessary.  Add a ribbon to attach it to your front door and voila!

Ainsley and Kat