Grazing Goodness

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We have all seen those delectable grazing platters posted in our feeds and thought "I wish I could do that!". Well turns out you actually can.  Here are our tips to take your platter game from Savoys, tasty cheese and kabana to something that would impress even the most important of guests. 


Firstly, we are not professionals and do not claim to be. But we do pride ourselves on the time spent sampling has to count for something right? 

We find it's best to layer each different category of food at a time.  We started with the main star of the show, cheese then followed it with our dips and antipasto items, meat, fruit and nuts and finished with our crackers. 


They say we eat with our eyes, so consider the colour combinations when placing your ingredients on the board. 

Think about combining interesting tastes and textures that you might not have considered before. 

Most importantly,  have fun and be creative. The love that you out into anything that you create will be shared to those lucky few who get to enjoy it.

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Ainsley and Kat