Monday Mantras

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There is something refreshing about Mondays. They signal a new week, a new start and a new opportunity. For most of us it's also the start of the working week and who couldn't do with a little extra motivation? We have created this setof six affirmation cards to help you with that little extra pep in your step. 

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Sometimes we all need a little reminder that we've got this and that what we are doing is enough.  Surrounding yourself with positive vibes can make all the difference to your day, your wellbeing and the people that surround you. 

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You can get your hands on these affirmation cards by clicking the link below. It's as simple as printing, cutting them out and placing them around your house to give you that little boost in that moment where you doubt yourself or pass them on to a loved one who needs to be reminded how awesome they are. 

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We cannot wait to see how creative you get with your Affirmation Cards. Don't forget to tag us in your social media posts and use #itsamonochromelife.

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Ainsley and Kat