Two weeks in carry on

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Packing for an international trip can be quite the tedious task. Should I take this? Will I wear this? Have I packed too much? Well the answer to the last questions is almost certainly always yes. We challenged ourselves to pack enough for two weeks in Paris and London during Spring time into a carry on suitcase. You're crazy we hear you say, well we assure you it can indeed be done! Here's how we did it.


When deciding what to pack we thought about really versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched several different ways to create a wide range of outfit choices for both warmer and cooler weather.  The trick is to keep some itemss really neutral, like a grey t-shirt or a stripe top and have some statement pieces like a coloured jumper or skirt to add interest. 

What we included:

1 t-shirt                                                                              1 leather jacket

1 long sleeve linen top                                                      1 down jacket

1 cotton tunic                                                                    2 pairs of shoes

1 dress                                                                                1 hat

3 jumpers                                                                           1 scarf

2 pairs of jeans

2 skirts


Here's the crazy part, with those 11 key pieces listed above (minus accessories and jackets) we were able to make 21 different outfits!  We had a range from super casual to dressed up and everything in between to be suitably stylish for every occasion.

Here are the different options we came up with:

  1. Blue jeans, long sleeve top and pink jumper

  2. Blue jeans, t-shirt and yellow jumper

  3. Dress and pink jumper

  4. White jeans, long sleeve top and mustard jumper

  5. White jeans, t-shirt and mustard jumper

  6. Blue jeans and tunic

  7. White jeans and tunic

  8. Blue jeans, t-shirt and pink jumper

  9. White jeans, t-shirt and pink jumper

  10. Mustard jumper, tunic and blue jeans

  11. Blue jeans, tunic and pink jumper

  12. Black skirt and long sleeve top

  13. Long sleeve top and green skirt

  14. Pink jumper with green skirt

  15. Grey jumper with green skirt

  16. Grey jumper over dress

  17. Black skirt and mustard jumper

  18. Black skirt with t-shirt

  19. Green skirt with t-shirt

  20. Black skirt with pink jumper

  21. Dress with t-shirt.


The jackets, hat and scarf can be worked into all of these outfits as needed, changing the look and feel of any combination.  We also packed some earrings, a necklace and a handbag of course! Check out our Instagram page for more looks from the trip.


Ainsley and Kat