Prene Scene


Sometimes you stumble upon a product which takes two seemingly opposing ideas, in this case a designer handbag and a wetsuit and combines them to create an innovative handbag that can withstand the wear and tare of everyday life. We spoke to Prene Bags creator Tammy about the Neoprene range. 


Tell us about your brand. Where did it all begin?

Prene started when I was a little bit lost in life. I was working in a retail job I hated, stuck between uni courses - lacking direction! All my life I have been known amongst my friends and family as a “little entrepreneur” - from selling bargain designer clothes I had purchased at the Camberwell market in Melbourne for a profit on eBay, to making Justin Bieber tshirts to sell to my tumblr followers when I was a teenager and Biebs was at the peak of his world domination. I was waiting for the perfect business idea to pursue in my adult life, and with some guidance and direction from my dad; who has had copious business experience, I decided I was going to give neoprene bags a go. I liked that neoprene was something a bit different to the thousands of leather or fabric bags already on the market, and thought Australian women would fall in love with them as they are essentially made out of a wetsuit - something very Aussie and summery.


What inspires your designs?

My personal style is comprised of very simple designs, shapes and colours. I wanted my bag range to reflect myself, and my needs and wants in fashion. I love going to festivals and concerts, where I always carry a backpack so that I don’t have to lug around a big bag on my arm - and so that is why I created the Prene backpack. It’s something that I would personally use, and so would my friends. I am about creating practical and stylish products that are attainable for everyday women.


Why did you choose to work within a monochrome palette?

I wear a lot of black - I do live in Melbourne! I like to carry a bag that can go with anything I wear. You can’t go wrong with neutral colours - they never go out of style and I find that a great classic bag can really ‘complete’ an outfit and make you look somewhat put together even if you are just in gym clothes.


What are your must have essentials to carry in your Prene bag?

I always carry antibacterial gel or wipes - I'm a bit of a germaphobe! A bottle of water, lip balm, translucent powder and a makeup brush, my wallet and iPhone. I try to just keep to the essentials but my bag always ends up being full of receipts, tissues and other such space wasters.


What is the next forefront for Prene?

I am working on some new designs and am very eager to expand the range - but what I am really focussing on is going international this year. I would love to have Prene stockists in my favourite cities all over the world.


If you would like to find out more about Tammy's range head over to her website. I for one an thoroughly looking forward to taking my bag on the plane to NZ next week.

Ainsley and Kat