Beauty With Purpose

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Akhal is an indigenous Moroccan word that means earth, this symbolises the ideals of the company in that they stand for organic, ethical and sustainable skin care.  This Australian company not only produce cruelty free products but they are also very generously donate a percentage of their profits to educating Moroccan children.  What more of a reason do you need to give them a go?

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Tell us a about your brand. How and where did it all begin?

Akhal Beauty was born out of a desire to offer organic, ethical, and sustainable Moroccan skincare. Many Australians have used Argan oil and Rose water without knowing it. Both are fantastic self-preserving ingredients. Because of this cosmetic companies use them both in a wide range of formulations in everyday personal care and skin care products. Despite their commercial success, making these products at such industrial scale comes at a cost for both workers and the environment.

When I visited the Argan Forest on a trip to Morocco two years ago, I was shocked to find plastic bags wedged between branches, and more dead Argan trees than I could count. I spoke to nearby villagers to enquire about the state of the Forest and was confronted by another stark image, that of a family crammed into the same room without electricity or indoor toilets. Those villagers were the Argan harvesters. Their living conditions did not match up the success of Argan oil.

Both environmental and social issues can be addressed through a sustainable and ethical supply chain and that is what I set out to create.

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What considerations do you put on using natural ingredients in your products?

I am a stickler for traceability, transparency, and freshness! Organic skincare is just like food produce. The fresher it is the more nutrients it contains and the more effective it is.

The quality of the ingredients you start with is important but so is the process used to make the products and transport them. Our oils for instance are cold-pressed on order and flown to Australia which means that they are shielded from heat through their journey. This guarantees a raw, fresh, and vastly superior product for our customers!

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What are your top tips for achieving and maintaining excellent skin?

Whatever some may say, there are no silver bullets! For most of us, good skin can only be achieved through an integrated approach which includes a healthy and balanced lifestyle as well as a consistent regimen using good products adapted to your skin needs.

I also would recommend trying to go “au naturel” when you can. Just like your body, your skin can sometimes need a reset. Not putting any make up on for a weekend allows your skin to detox and your pores to breathe.


As a teacher, your product struck a cord when I saw that you donate some of your profits to education. Why is this particular cause so important to you?

In 2014, the UN released a global survey reviewing the role of women in social and economic development. The survey clearly demonstrates that if all girls from developing countries went go to school and could work, we could end extreme poverty! Women are caretakers and when they are lifted out of poverty, they elevate their entire families and community not just themselves. I have seen this first hand in Morocco, which whilst having a reputation as a great tourist destination, has extreme levels of poverty in certain areas. That is why I am so committed to helping young girls from rural Morocco finish high school with the hope that they go to university and have greater opportunities than their parents.

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Where would you like to see Akhal Beauty in the future?

We want Akhal Beauty to become a case study for viability of ethical and for-purpose businesses. One of our objectives is to demonstrate that customers, if given a suitable alternative, will prefer to spend their money on a product that is made ethically and makes a positive impact to this world beyond fulfilling its intended use.

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Head on over to their website to check out their range of skin products and shop knowing you are supporting the education of young children and in turn changing their future. 

Ainsley and Kat