Breaky for Boobies


Sometimes you come across incredibly inspirational women and sometimes you are lucky enough to be related to them.  Clare Barnes and Emily Townsing are the brains behind Breaky for Boobies, a breakfast and online auction raising much needed funds for breast cancer.  Emily also just happens to be my big sister and I am so incredibly proud of what she and Clare have achieved in just one year.  


What is Breaky for Boobies?

Established in 2016, “Breaky for Boobies” was born from a simple wish to do something so that we could donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to help them further their important work.  

Our annual fundraising takes a two pronged approach with an online Auction as well as a Ticketed Breaky held in our local Geelong.

Last year we raised a total of $21,544.32, such a phenomenal result for our first year - especially seen as we set out with a goal of donating $1000 to the NBCF!


Breast cancer awareness and support is vital for the 1 in 8 women who will suffer from it. What inspired you to support this cause?

Breast cancer effects so many. Sadly, it has about 1.5 degrees of separation. If we aren’t directly affected, we are indirectly affected. 
Clare:  My mum suffered for 2 years before losing her battle at 41 years old.

Emily: I have friends and family who have been diagnosed and being surrounded by girls (two little daughters, two sisters etc) it’s something I’d love to see disappear! 


The Instagram community has jumped on board and supported so generously, why do you think this is so?

It has been amazing! We have been so overwhelmed with the support and the generosity of the donations. It’s wonderful!

In speaking with all the incredible people who are part of our Boobie Bunch, the thing we have found time and time again is how many of us have been affected by Breast Cancer in one way or another.  It really does touch the life of so many people and this drives them to want to help.  Somebody told us recently, that we are like the “funnel” for all these people who want to help, but may not have known what to do if they hadn’t come across Breaky for Boobies!  That’s a pretty cool way to look at it!

2016_Breaky for Boobies (1).jpg

The first Breaky for Boobies was such a success last year, what are your hopes for this years event?

Yes, it was amazing and we have heard from so many people who loved their morning at Sailors' Rest last year!  The feeling in the room was so warm, and happy and FUN - exactly what we wanted people to take away from our first Breaky and this is really what we want to replicate this year!

The proof has been in the many emails we have already received asking about tickets for this years’ event!  People can't wait to be part of it again!

We were also wrapped to be contacted by the NBCF who sent a representative from Sydney to meet with us last month!

Having only registered for a donation of $1000 last years’ event didn't attract too much attention.... when we finally deposited our total donation we popped up on their radar!!  We have since learned that Breaky for Boobies is now one of the biggest community fundraisers in the whole country (in our first year) - incredible!

2016_Breaky for Boobies (3).jpg

Where would you like to see Breaky for Boobies in the future?

We plan to run a similar campaign each year for as long as we are able to.  It truly is a wonderfully inspiring thing to be a part of and has become like our little baby.  We just love what we have managed to create with the support of so, so many incredibly generous people!


What can people do if they want to donate cash /make a contribution to this year's tally?

The great thing about Breaky for Boobies is that there are so many ways that people can get involved!

Ticketed Breakfast:  

Geelong locals can join us on Friday 20th October at Barwon Edge for a morning of FUN and fundraising! There will also be over 50 amazing items up for grabs on the day via auctions (silend and live) and raffles, with every cent going straight to the NBCF!  Tickets will go on sale 1st October (watch Instagram @breakyforboobies for more details).

Beyond the Breaky:

Our Online Auction will be held via Instagram @breakyforboobies on Sunday 10th September.  There are over 180 AMAZING items to bid on in this auction, with 100% of proceeds going to the NBCF!  This is a great way for anyone in the country to support our fundraising and donate to the NBCF!

Online Donations:

You can donate via the following link Breaky for Boobies. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Or Just Rid Yourself of Loose Change!

Keep your eyes open for our “Boobie Boxes” all over Geelong and give what you can – every cent counts!


Don't forget to head on over to check out the auction items before Sunday! The auction begins at 7:30pm September 10th and goes for 2 hours.  If you are local keep an eye out for ticket sales for the breakfast and come and enjoy a wonderful morning! If you aren't local and would like to support the girls in smashing last years total head on over to to link above and donate to an incredibly worthy cause. 


*Artwork by Clare at Victor Fox and photos by Steph Lee Photography*

Ainsley and Kat