A brewtiful gift


Do you ever find yourself looking high and low for a thank you gift for the man in your life, or a present for a guy that has everything? We recently found the perfect solution: Manflower Co, a small business that delivers locally made brews straight to the recipients door. We spoke to the lovely Emma to find out how this venture all began. 


Tell us a bit about your brand. Where did it all begin? And what was your vision when you created it?

Manflower Co was an idea that came to light over a conversation between a sister and a brother where he simply said he wished there was the equivalent of what flowers is for girls but for guys, like man-flowers but not actually flowers. She asked him what he would like his Manflowers to be and in an overly obvious tone he responded with "beer". Taking her brothers wishes seriously she created Manflower Co.

I’m the sister.


How do you go about sourcing your products?

There were 2 key components. The beer and the packaging. The packaging was the more complex task. Sourcing a packaging specialist was difficult, being a new business we only required a small batch plus we needed a turnaround in less than 4 weeks. We got used to hearing “No”, this was tough but to anyone else starting up a new business, you will hear no more than yes. Don’t let this deter you. Eventually, after emailing and calling countless packaging specialists all over Australia, I was put in contact with a family run business here in Melbourne that make all the boxes onsite in their own facilities. Nothing offshore.


What does a typical day at Manflower Co look like?  

The priority is always to fulfil orders, following this there is still a lot of behind the scenes activity. We are still very new, having only launched 1st of Feb, and like any other new business there are new learnings every day and time is devoted to problem solve and implement process. We are working on our social media presence to build an engaged audience and this is way more time consuming than I had imagine (and a whole new ball game for someone who had a career in IT Operations).

We are also looking at introducing new products, extending our delivery reach outside of Melbourne and always looking to improve our customer experience.


Why did you choose to work within a monochrome palette for your packaging?

You can’t beat simplicity. It appeals to the masses and ensures your design is timeless. For our first release, we wanted to achieve a look that captured your attention but was subtle and slightly masculine. All of which a monochrome palette offers.


Where would you like to see Manflower Co in the future?

Customer happiness is our key focus, for the buyer and the recipient. This means exceptional customer service throughout the entire gifting process and always ensuring our product and future products create all the right feelings when received. We are listening to our customers and will grow based on their requirements.

Manflower Co gift boxes are available for delivery in Melbourne via their website.

Ainsley and Kat