A new chapter

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Paper Saver is a Melbourne based company that has taken simplicity and function to the next level.  With sustainability it its forefront they have created a note book which utilises the endless amount of paper wastage in our lives.  As a teacher and an architecture student we admit we have a slight stationary addiction but are also trying to be more conscious about our waste.  With this in mind we were thrilled when we discovered Paper Saver's stylish and functional product that helps us to turn our waste into a new reusable notebook. 


Tell us about Paper Saver. Where did it all begin?

It all began a number of years ago when Jon, the creator and designer of the Paper Saver, was
working as an architect. He was printing off so many draft designs that became obsolete almost as soon as they came off the printer, still warm. Whilst all of the sheets of designs were placed into the recycling pile, a nagging feeling still overcame his conscience, especially when seeing the perfectly pristine, back blank sides of the papers. The trees that had taken years to be grown, along with other natural resources that had gone into the making of the paper, had
become waste within just minutes. So Jon fashioned a notebook-like device out of cardboard
with a pocket inside in which he could insert the paper so that the backs of the used paper could be accessed easily to scribble notes, drawings, and ideas. This helped ease his conscience when clicking on the print button. It wasn’t until several years later that we made it into a commercial product. When doing so, Jon ensured he included the notebook had all the qualities he would personally like in a notebook, such as ease of use, aesthetically pleasing in both appearance and touch, and quality, to ensure durability through time, and wear and tear.


What inspires your designs?

Simplicity and functionality. A product needs to allow us to use it as simply as possible to serve its primary and ultimate function, much like a building. It also needs to be inconspicuous with its environment in a subtle way. Hence the Paper Saver, whilst doing its job to help you reuse discarded paper, is masquerading as a notebook.

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Your product adds to a long standing tradition of architects designing stationery products, why do you think this is?

Architects like to design items from different disciplines, from buildings and interior design, to
furniture (an architect favourite outside of their day job), to graphic design. Architects know a
little about all trades as our daily job consists of doing not only design work, but also conceptual work, technical work, right down to the nuts and bolts like how plumbing is designed. Because of our need to understand how everything works, we like to look and observe how it all comes together, and if there are any ways it can be improved or done more efficiently.

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What impacts do you hope your product will have in the war against waste?

We hope that the Paper Saver can help people realise how much paper they can save by fully
utilising both sides of paper – old printouts, bills, forms, and gradually reduce their overall paper waste. Our society still relies on paper to function, from schools to businesses and
organisations. Whether it is intentionally or mistakenly printed, or those annoying moments
when you realise just the last line, a page number, or the disclaimer fineprint was printed onto
one lonesome, blank piece of paper – we can ensure no paper is wasted.


Where do you hope to see Paper Saver in the future?

We hope more and more people become aware of, and take up use of the Paper Saver, so that
we can contribute to helping reduce the amount of paper waste in Australia and globally, even if it is a little at a time.

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If you're ready to buy the last notebook you'll ever need then head to the Paper Saver website and purchase yours today. With Father's day just around the corner why not order a monogrammed one especially for him?!

Ainsley and Kat