Anything but Basic. 

Born out of a momentary thought about the humble dish sponge, the Barkly Basics range brings together functionality and sleek design to make household chores more enjoyable. The creative director of the company Dr Natasha Malkov discusses how it all came about and where she would like to see her products in the future. 


How did Barkly Basics begin?

The idea came about whilst in a state of mindfulness. I was washing the dishes one morning and for some reason I focused on the unsightly bright yellow kitchen sponge I was using and realised how ugly it actually was! I couldn’t believe that no one had thought to modernised or re-design the humble kitchen sponge so that it actually looks good on our kitchen sinks. That is when I got the light bulb moment to do something about it!


What does a typical day at Barkly Basics entail?

Coffee first! Then like most of us, I check emails for any urgent requests or orders. The rest of my day is usually filled with picking, packing and sending orders all over Australia and overseas. Not glamorous in the slightest! 


Why monochrome?

I chose a monochrome palette because most kitchens are either light or dark in colour. Sticking to black and white meant that they were bound to look good in most, if not every kitchen. The idea was to blend them in with the surrounds and not make them stand out like the existing brightly coloured sponges. 


What are your three essential tips for keeping a clean and tidy home?

  1. Declutter and simplify your environment to keep the mind clear.
  2. Clean regularly to avoid the build-up of housework.
  3. Keep your kitchen sponges free of bacteria by zapping them whilst still wet/moist in the microwave for 60 seconds. This will keep your sponges sanitized.

Where would you like to see Barkly Basics in the future?

In every gorgeous kitchen in Australia and the rest of the world. 


The Barkly Basics range can be found via their website, including the Sweet Citrus Mojito scented dish liquid which smells so good it makes me want to wash the dishes, which is no mean feat! 

Ainsley and Kat