Back to Basics.


As we officially wave goodbye to the silly season, and get back into the daily grind, it's time to reassess how we treat ourselves. It is easy to get caught up in life and become too busy to look after number one.  

When I stumbled upon The Base Collective it seemed too good to be true - two lovely mums based in Melbourne, creating organically derived magnesium beauty products with a minimalist ethos and aesthetic. We sat down with Carly, one half of the dynamic due, and asked about all things Base.


Tell us a about your brand. Where did it all begin?

The Base Collective began life as a concept in 2015 when Cassie and I started talking about life outside of the corporate world. Cassie is a Pharmacist and I’m a Banker and we were both looking for something a little different to focus on. We had a few initial ideas for our first product, but settled into skin and body care when we found an amazing manufacturer who completely got us and our ethos and decided that was a sign.  From there it was a good eight months to launching our Hand Milk and Hand Wash in mid-2016 and we have been running a million miles an hour since!


What consideration do you put on using natural ingredients in your products?

100% to be honest, Cassie's expertise as a Pharmacist is really a differentiator and she pours over the ingredients with our manufacturer before we even go to sampling let alone production. Our aim is to provide products that are as natural and as organic as they can be - but still do what they are supposed to. We literally will not put anything in that we aren’t happy using on our own children (they are our test subjects!) and it has meant we have said no to a few ideas and products. 


Why do you choose to minimal aesthetic for your product packaging?

I think it was really just a reflection of what we look for and what we liked. It was never going to be overly busy or floral because that just isn’t our style. We wanted something a little different to what was out there already but still clean and stylish enough that it would look good in any designer bathroom and make any older (like mine!) bathroom look good. We think it also fits really nicely with other products you may already have because it is quite neutral and makes a great gift for males or females. 


What are some of the benefits of using magnesium?

Well the list is really long on this one - but the key benefits we tend to talk about that Magnesium may assist with are muscle recovery and soreness. This could be after a workout or even if you experience cramping during pregnancy or post op (which is actually really common we found out). It is actually also more effectively absorbed via the skin (transdermally) than it is via oral supplements. So a few sprays a day gets your Magnesium levels up quicker and potentially with less side effects than taking tablets. It is also potentially good for stress management, helping stablise blood sugar levels and thereby reducing sugar cravings. 


Where would you like to see TBC in 2017 and beyond?

This is an exciting question for us because we have so much on the go!  We are heading to our first Trade Fair in June and working on a couple of new lines to have ready for that. We will be introducing a Baby & Children's range along with expanding our Magnesium range and Hand Wash/Milk sets. We also have a cleaning range in the works but that might have to wait for later in the year! We’ve had some interest from some rather large stores both here and overseas so we are very excited to continue those conversations and see where they take us - at this stage it is just exciting to see people responding so positively to the brand and our products. We’re really grateful. 


If you would like to find out more about the lovely girls from The Base Collective and their products head on over to their website. As an added bonus you can get 10% off your first purchase when you sign up to their newsletter. 


Ainsley and Kat