Cups that Care


Your daily ritual of coffee or tea, can make good times great, and bad times not so bad.  With a JOCO cup in our hand we can experience life's luxuries less the negative impact.  Such a permanent part of our lives should not involve disposable waste and toxic materials.

We caught up with the folks over at JOCO to find out a little bit more about this wonderful local company and how they are on a mission to help people lead a plastic free life. 


What is the Joco story, how did it all come about?

Understanding that change had to be made, JOCO was born to bring people an alternative solution to the global crisis that our disposable habits have created.


How do you go about designing and sourcing your products?

JOCO’s 100% plastic free, eco-innovative products are designed to provide the healthiest possible drinking experience accompanied by environmentally sustainable materials. Designed for a lifetime of use.  These products are also developed with the assistance of leading baristas and sensory scientists for unrivalled functionality.


Why do you believe that it is so important to ditch disposable coffee cups?

With damning statistics such as 500 billion coffee cups ending in landfill each year, it makes it hard to have an excuse when solutions such as JOCO are readily available to everyday people. Plastic that doesn’t reach landfill ends up contributing to the already 5.25 trillion tonnes of plastic distributed through our oceans. With time these degrade into toxic microplastics that destroy the marine ecosystem, even causing marine “dead zones”

JOCO cups are 100% plastic free and NON toxic. Free of all harmful chemicals including Bisphenols (BPA, BPF, BPS) and Chemicals that may cause estrogenic activity and that are still in plastics today. 


How would you define great design?

JOCO principals require a design to satisfy multiple needs, providing a variety of motivators to continued use.  To really solve the issue of plastic waste we need as many people as possible from different walks of life using eco innovative products for the long run.


Where would you like to see Joco in the future?

JOCO will continue to innovative and produce high performing products that encompass environmental responsibility and health benefits. Simple, smart designs providing real solutions.


With so many local cafe's now on board promoting plastic free coffee cups, through discounts on drinks when customers bring in their own reusable cups, there is no reason not to jump on over and grab one for yourself! Head to the JOCO website to find a list of local stockists. 

Ainsley and Kat