Monogrammed for mum

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With Mother's Day less than two weeks away we thought is was an opportune time to introduce you to a company that beats true to our monochrome loving hearts. Not only do Emisa Collections create beautiful quality necklaces and accessories they also have a wide range of  ethically sourced pebbled leather bags and accessories.  We recently spoke with the fabulous team behind the brand Sammy and Emily.

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Tell us about Emisa, where did it all begin and what was your vision?

Emisa collections began one afternoon over coffee (we love coffee) on Emily’s back patio. We discussed the desire to have more flexibility in our family lives. We decided that we wanted to use our skill sets in the best way possible. I (Sammy) am the creative vision and Emily is a wiz at the operations side so it was a match made in heaven, plus we spend all day in fits of laughter! We went out and bought some polymer clay and leather and made up some designs that we wanted to buy and wear but couldn’t find at the time. All of the designs available were very out there, colourful and mix matched and we love a more classic colour palette that can go with numerous outfits. Turns out that a lot of ladies were looking for this because it took off immediately and the rest is history as they say! The process of making clay jewellery is quite time consuming and as we got bigger and had dozens of stockists around the country we knew we had hit our physical limit. In the beginning we had a vision of what we wanted the brand to be but as the handmade jewellery took off we put those plans on the back burner until our total brand revamp in 2017. We travelled overseas to set up our manufacturing, packaging and distribution team to bring our personalised genuine leather accessories to life. We went to great lengths to ensure that each process of the business was of genuine quality and ethically made. It was one of the best decisions we ever made and we have made some strong relationships with our team!

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How do you go about designing your products? 

Based on our love of classic designs, colours and quality we made sure that each design was going to suit our customers perfectly. We made sure that the leather used was the highest grade possible and small touches such as our signature suede inner lining made the products luxurious which is what our brand is known for. Having our team in place means that changes to products and new ideas can be made easily and samples sent for us to approve etc. Each product is monogrammed with your initials by us at Emisa HQ, packaged with love and sent off to their new homes. We still have a small range of our handcrafted necklaces available online so each piece is handmade by us because we could never give them up completely because at the end of the day that is what started our whole business!

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The colour palette that you use is very timeless. What influenced this decision?

As we mentioned above, we adore classic colour palettes because they are so versatile and easy to add to any outfit. Not everyone has to like bright and colourful accessories to express their personalities right?! We are pretty amusing if we do say so ourselves haha! All of our products are easy pieces to wear and use and that was important to us, and who doesn’t love a touch of personalisation on your accessories? We do!!

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How do we go about looking after your leather goods?

The use of leather conditioner or leather treatments throughout the lifespan of your piece will help maintain the beautiful leather. Be sure to test any conditioners or treatment products on an inconspicuous area first. If leather gets wet, gently wipe off water and air dry. Any diet of marks can be gently wiped off with a soft cloth. Be careful of non colourfast clothing items as the may stain the delicate leather. All monogramming on our leather products should be kept clear of any types of oils cosmetic products and other chemicals as this will cause the monogram to fade over time.

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What does the future hold for your company?

We have some exciting new products in the works and we are also expanding into something new yet complimentary for our brand. It’s very exciting and exhausting at the same time but the love for our business and the happiness of our customers makes it all worth it!


Did we mention that Emisa Collections offer a free monogramming service to make that gift for Mum (or me) that extra bit special. As a special gift to It's a Monochrome Life readers Sammy and Emily are offering 15% off storewide when you use the code: MONOCHROMELIFE

You can find the range of Emisa products here

Ainsley and Kat