Beautiful Irregularity

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Ivory House, the wonderful Melbourne based company, import beautiful hand crafted ceramic pieces from Vietnam. Their range is not only aesthetically stunning and timeless but refreshingly practical with all their pieces being microwave and dishwasher safe (Can we hear a hells yeah!?). We spoke with the brains behind the brand to find out where it all started. 

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Tell us about Ivory House, where did it all begin and what was your vision?

Ivory House started about 15 years ago when we needed a brand that would encompass a wide range of products - from soft toys to sofas - whilst conveying a perception of quality, consistency and value for money.

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Where do you draw inspiration from when designing new products for your range?

We generally look to the classics for inspiration rather than focusing on chasing trends in both colours and materials.

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The Flax product range has a strong handmade element. What value to place on this quality?

The individuality of the products in the Flax range of ceramics is critical to us - the various shapes and designs make this range quite unique and different to your standard range of ceramics. And the range has a strength and resistance to chipping and cracking that belies its fragile appearance (and it is dishwasher and microwave safe!).

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What are your must have essentials for dinner party styling?

Keep it simple. Focus on a few beautiful pieces and flowers rather than creating a visual overload that distracts from your food, drinks and guests!

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What’s next for Ivory House?

We introduce up to 200 new items twice a year, launching in February and August, with these available at good Gift & Homewares stores nationally. We're about to release some amazingly tactile decorative ceramics, plus stunning new handmade chandeliers and lighting, a new range of simple timber bowls and trays, along with some beautiful buffalo horn accessories.

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If like us you are completely in love with these stunning pieces you can find them at select stockists or online at their website.  Just don't blame us if your collection starts to grow and grow and grow! 

Ainsley and Kat