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Research suggests that in order to reduce our impact on the environment we need to make small changes over a long period of time. This is the key to making meaningful change. Earlier this year we saw a lot media attention around #plasticfreeJuly. While it was excellent to see a shift in the way we think about out consumption, unfortunately old habits die hard. It's time to change this.


We've been using reusable bags for quite a while now, and started to notice the other plastic that we consume at the supermarket. The next item on our ban list was the 'convenient' plastic produce bags that may stop the oranges rolling around in the boot of our car, but over the course of a year that is a lot of unnecessary waste for convenience. Enter the Onya produce bags. We sat down with Hayley from Onya to get the inside scoop on their products and her tips on how to reduce waste.

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Tell us about Onya. How and when did it all begin?

I think the best way to answer this question is to watch the video I shot late last year for Foxtel’s Industry Leaders as this will answer a lot of your questions in further detail here.

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What inspires your designs?

Our designs stem from a desire to create practical alternatives for single use plastic that are easy to integrate seamlessly into peoples lives, so they just become part of their routine.

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What simple tips do you have for people who want to begin their waste free journey?

Start with something smaller and achievable such as stop using “The Big 4” – single use plastic shopping bags, straws, drink bottles & coffee cups.  Once you have mastered this, and you are feeling more confident, move on to other products such as stop using single use produce bags & bread bags, and if possible shop in bulk food stores or independent green grocers/ farmers markets.  Over time you challenge yourself to do just a little more and before you know it you are far closer to living a low waste life than you were at the start.

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What impact do you hope your produce bags will have in the war against waste?

I think for a long time people have been aware that they should be using reusable shopping bags, and many people do, however, people have then been doing their fresh fruit and vegetable shopping using single use plastic produce bags, which almost defeats the purpose of taking your own shopping bag.
With our reusable produce bags, this form of plastic pollution is completely avoidable so now people have a solution to help them do their grocery shopping 100% single use plastic free if they choose to.

By giving people the option to shop plastic bag free, we significantly reduce the amount of plastic pollution each individual produces.

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Where do you hope to see Onya in the future?

We have been in business since 2004 and for many years, only small passionate pockets of people have been interested in hearing our views on the issue of plastic pollution.
It has always been our goal to shed light on not just the problem of plastic pollution, but to also offer some alternatives, to allow people to have a positive impact on this massive global issue.  We hope to continue creating awareness about plastic pollution and if there is a need to provide a quality solution for single use plastic where one doesn’t currently exist, we would like to be able to offer one.

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We have been road testing the Onya bags and have been turning heads at the checkout queue with lots of fellow shoppers wanting to know where they can get some Onya bags as well. For more information head on over to the Onya website.

Ainsley and Kat