Griddy goodness

The lovely Eleni of Candlelit and Co. talks about how becoming a mother changed her perspective on life and how she turned her hobby into the business we know and love. 


Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a mum to two girls and have been married to my partner for I think 8 years – believe it or not he’s the one that always remembers, I was never great at keeping track with anniversary dates.

Before Candlelit came into our world I was running my own beauty salon in Athens, for 13 years until I fell pregnant with Kiki. We then decided to move back to Australia – which was the smartest thing we could’ve done because Kiki was born with a chronic illness and she needed an operation as soon as she arrived. The Children’s has and will be a big part of her life and we’re so lucky to have such amazing doctors and facilities available to us.


What inspired you to start Candlelit and Co.?

Candle making was honestly a hobby that started after Kiki was born. I went from running a salon and working 12 hr days to finding myself indoors with a newborn. My brain needed stimulation. I found myself wondering is this it? As much as I adore being a mum, I also love creating, I love building a business from scratch and the truth is going back out there was a big NO with Kiki’s chronic illness. I came to terms with being a stay at home mum and turned to candle making and honestly after playing around with Instagram the interest for Candlelit candles grew overnight!


Your Grid candles are synonymous to your brand. Why does monochrome appeal to you?

It might shock a few to know I love colour but I’m extremely terrified of it! I find with a clean monochrome palette it’s easier to add splashes of colour where needed and it can complement any space without going overboard.

The truth is monochrome is easy, clean and at times a safer choice. I easily get bored with my surroundings so I do prefer a monochrome look and if I feel like adding colour it’s then easily done and it’s how I’ve always felt about our candle vessel designs.


What is your best advice for prolonging a candles life?

When lighting a candle for the first time it’s always best to let it burn right up to the edge of the vessel otherwise if you blow it out prior to this the wax will create a tunnel and will then make it harder to burn evenly.


What is on the horizon for Candlelit & Co.

We have so many exciting things happening in 2017! We’re in the process of rebranding, a new look for our Back to Basics collection, exciting collaborations, a new and unique monochrome set and for the first time we’ll also be adding a splash of colour.


The company's approach is reminiscent of my favourite quote; 'A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle...' We eagerly await the new Candlelit products in 2017. In the meantime the divine  range can be purchased via the Etsy store. 

Ainsley and Kat