Laid-back Leather

Today we introduce you to the everyday leather accessories range from eLKa Creative. This two woman team made up of Lee-Anne and Kate, has a simple company ethos to craft products that are 'affordable and awesome.'


How did eLKa Creative come about?

We both wanted to do something creative from home that was flexible and could fit in with our families.  We have always loved pretty things so after playing around with a few different ideas, eLKa as you see it was born.


What inspires your designs?

Whilst we wanted them to be pretty and stylish we also wanted them to be affordable for everyone. So we have kept our designs simple and functional for everyday use.


Why do you choose to use minimal colours in your products?

Whilst we love our monochrome and natural combos we are also embracing cool pastels and pops of bright colour to give our customers what they want.


What are three tips for looking after your leather products?

Keep them away from harsh chemicals, keep them as dry as possible and keep them away from naughty puppies who may wish to use it as a chew toy.


What does 2017 hold for eLKa?

With ideas bursting at the seams, eLKa is in a constant state of “watch this space”. We plan to grow the product range and branch into some other areas.  It is going to be an exciting year!


For all of those teachers returning to work today be sure to check out the stylish new eLKa lanyards. As a special gift use the code MONOCHROME to receive 15% off any purchase.

Ainsley and Kat