Love Aunty Amy

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‘Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, keep secrets like a sister and share love like a friend.’

Today is International Aunties Day and we couldn’t be more excited to share a new product that not only celebrates the milestones of being an aunty but also exemplifies our love for all things monochrome. We love that these cards are designed and printed in Australia on recycled cardstock by the very talented Gwen of Love Aunty Amy, an online store that carries a range of gifts to spoil your nieces and nephews. We recently sat down with Gwen to talk about the milestone cards and her online boutique.


Tell us about Love Aunty Amy, where did it all begin and what was your vision?

Love Aunty Amy was launched in March 2017 to provide amazing gift ideas to inexperienced aunties and of course Mums, that need a little extra support and guidance when buying gifts for their loved ones. After having my second child and receiving lots of gifts, both good and bad along the way, I realised that so many people just don’t know what to buy! I bought some terrible gifts for my nephews before I had kids (like shoes to fit a newborn) and realised that with a little bit of insight it really is easy to find the perfect gift! Our name comes from my sister Amy. Amy is the first Favourite Aunty and was an amazing aunty to our nephew Jett. Amy passed away in 2010 after a stroke when she was only 25. There have been 3 more nephews born since she died, including my two boys, and I have, and probably always will, struggle that my boys will never meet their Aunty Amy. When I decided to start a business about aunties, I just knew I had to include Amy somehow. I love that through Love Aunty Amy I still get to make memories with her, even without her.

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Today you launch your new product, tell us a bit about the new Aunty Milestone cards.

I am so excited to be launching the Aunty Milestone Cards. They were a concept I came up with a few months ago and when I realised that they didn't really exist anywhere on the market, I very quickly put them into production because aunties shouldn't miss out. Being an aunty means you get to do all the cool things with your favourite little person, but still get grossed out by bodily fluids and probably have a few aunty fails along the way, and these moments shouldn't go by unrecorded! The milestone cards have been printed in 4 designs in monochrome on fully recycled paper (and packaging!) to record all the amazing moments in life, like the first time you get pooed on! Our cards are stylish like the favourite aunty should be, but also environmental friendly. It's a win for everyone.

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What is your favourite thing about being an aunty?

Being an aunty really is one of the best roles in the world. The day I became an aunty I drove for 6 hours just to hold my nephew for 5 minutes and then go home. As he grew, and even now almost 10 years later I get to play with my nephews, have sleep overs and take them on coffee dates. I feel so lucky to be part of their lives, to love and care for them, and help raise them into the amazing adults I know they will be.

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What makes the perfect gift for a niece or nephew?

There really are endless gift options available for your favourite little person, and for a wonderfully child-free aunty it is so easy to be blinded by the bright shiny things available and not know where to start. Ultimately, as long as the gift is given with a little bit of thought and a whole lot of love, your favourite little person is quite likely to love it just as much as you. And staying away from noisy toys, licenced clothing and products and anything that makes a huge mess is also a winner with the parents!

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What is next for Love Aunty Amy?

Love Aunty Amy is all about showcasing the ultimate presents for your favourite little person, and I love discovering and sharing with our family all the gorgeous products available to give as gifts. We will continue to focus on showcasing the best in babies and children's gifts, but we do have a few more exciting products on their way for all the awesome aunties. It's a title you don't choose, but one that is such an honour to have it deserves to be celebrated!

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We are so thrilled to able to share these brand new milestone cards from Love Aunty Amy.  They are now available via the Love Aunty Amy website along with a range of other wonder gifts. One lucky customer in our first 50 orders will receive a $50 store credit to any of the Love Aunty Amy boutiques. Could International Aunties Day get any better?

Ainsley and Kat