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With summer in full swing our towels are all on extra high rotation. From cleaning up juicy fruits and veg in the kitchen to being taken to the beach or simply used in the everyday bathroom, towels are a household necessity. Miss April Towels has created a range of traditionally loomed Turkish beach, bath and hand towels which are not only beautiful but also functional.  We recently sat down with Britt, the creator of Miss April Towels to find out all about her products.

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Tell us about Miss April Towels, where did it all begin and what was your vision?

Miss April began almost 2 years ago when I was gifted a Turkish towel at Christmas. It became a firm favourite in my beach bag and literally went on every trip to the beach with me that summer. I was so impressed with how the sand didn’t stick to it and how absorbent it was, that I started thinking that this was a product that everyone needed to experience. However, I wanted to create a towel with a difference, not just another Turkish towel that anyone can buy off eBay or Amazon, but something vibrant and beautiful that stands out on a beach and that the whole family is fighting to use! In the beginning I only wanted to focus on beach towels, however my love for interiors soon lead me to thinking about a bathroom/kitchen range and the rest is history! 

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What is the inspiration behind your products?

I design my products with my ideal customer in mind - an Australian woman with a modern bathroom or kitchen who is looking for a luxurious yet stylish towel to finish off the space. With my beach range, I am able to dabble in colour more, and just believe the brighter the better.

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Why do you choose to work predominantly within a monochrome palette?

I think a monochrome bath towel is so much more likely to suit a wide range of tastes, and is also is a whole lot more classy and sophisticated in a modern bathroom. However I do have some colourful bath towels available for those that just always need colour! 

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What are your top tips for keeping your towels in the best condition?

A cold machine wash, as this actually extends the towel life. I don't advise using bleach or fabric softener - this decreases the absorbency, and I always finish with a warm iron to give them a perfectly crisp finish.

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Where would you like to see Miss April Towels in the future?

I would love to see Miss April products in a variety of homewares stores Australia wide. The ultimate goal is having my towels appear on The Block! 

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We love the quality and versitility of the Miss April products. You can check out the full range via the Miss April website.

Ainsley and Kat