New venture, new workspace

New venture, new workspace.

While setting up the website I felt that I needed a proper grown-up workspace because let's face it, the melamine school age desk that I got over a decade ago just wasn't up to the job. Confronted with a tight space and so many options I was a little overwhelmed at the prospect of what to buy and what would best suit my needs.

I began searching for the answer to the burning question: what makes a good workspace? After countless hours spent on Pinterest, here is my list of key considerations for a well thought out study.



The size of your workspace should not only reflect the space available but you should consider how you intend to use your desk - will it be for yourself and others? Do you intend to work from home? What hobbies do you plan to work on from this space? 



Despite what they say, size does matter when it comes your workspace. Here is it best to employ the Goldilocks principle (not too big, not too small, just right). Everything should have its own space, but everything that is regularly used should be within reach. 



Natural light not only improves the feel of a space, it also improves productivity. When planning the layout of your room consider the natural light available, and orientate your furniture with this in mind. If you're an early bird take advantage of the morning sun from the east. If you want to spend your afternoons at your desk then think about windows to the west. Unfortunately consistent light is not always possible, therefore adding task lighting in the form of lamps and pendants is essential to getting the most out of your workspace.


Once you’ve considered the space available, your needs, purchased the furniture and set it up, the fun part begins. 



Designing a space is about layering. It's taking the bare bones and embellishing them to make the room feel like somewhere you want to be. You're going to be spending a lot of time working from your desk so you need to make sure it's a place that you feel at home in and reflects you.


The first of these layers (unsurprisingly) is the furniture that has been chosen with the above guidelines in mind. For my workspace it was important to have light and airy furniture that would not make the space feel closed in. It was a priority to have shelving to display items and reduce clutter, which would also improve the sense of space.


The next layer is equipment - think lamp, computer, sewing machine or anything that you need to work at your desk.  I work best in the evenings, so a good lamp was a necessity to get the most out of the workspace. 


Now it's time to add all of your accessories. Books and stationary bring together the functional side of your workspace. For me the difference between a good workspace and a great workspace is adding a layer of essence. By incorporating your own personality, using flowers or indoor plants, and messages of motivation to keep you inspired when things get a little stressful.


There's an adage that says you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have - styling your workspace is very much the same. You need to create a space that reflects the life you would like to lead.  So have some fun when it comes to injecting your own personality into your workspace to get the most out of it.


I would love to see your workspaces so don’t forget to use #itsamonochromelife 

Ainsley and Kat