Penned with love

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There is something magical about receiving a hand written card at this time of year. And let's be honest, it is nice to open the mailbox to something other than a bill. We recently spoke to Kiran, the creator behind PennedBlack about keeping these traditions alive.

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Tell us about Penned Black. How and when did it all begin?

A love of all things 'stationery' led me to establish this business in 2014. PennedBlack designs unique and stylish paper goods from a boutique studio in Brisbane, Australia.

I had always loved creating and designing, so once my boyfriend had filled his room with my creations, he encouraged me  to set up a business and try selling my  hand-drawn prints online. They were an instant hit! And three years on, PennedBlack has flourished into a successful and thriving small business. Initially, PennedBlack sold hand-drawn prints exclusively, however in the past year, we have expanded to include a range of foil products, including greeting cards, gift tags and notebooks.

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What inspires your designs?

After graduating from Queensland University of Technology in 2013 with a background in Interactive & Visual Design and Advertising, I had a passion for design that drove me  to create a brand to share her designs with other stationery lovers.

I always had a love for design and take inspiration from everyday life, as well as current trends, to design and create my range of paper goods.

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Why do you choose to work within a refined colour palette?

My collections for PennedBlack are based on my love for minimal, stylish and modern designs. Using gold, black and silver foils, against white stock, allows me to created attention grabbing, and striking designs. Inspiration was not only taken from current trends in Australia, but also from a desire to create simple, but eye-catching, greeting cards and stationery for everyone.

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What importance do you place in sitting down to write a card to a loved one?

Ever since I was a child I wrote letters & cards to family members all over the world. I feel as though written words on a card can express a lot more than the digital trends we see these days. I still have a collection of cards & letters that were given to me over the years, and plan on adding to this collection for years to come.

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Where do you hope to see PennedBlack in the future?

Ultimately I’d love for PenedBlack to be stocked in chain retail stores across Australia. Although my main form of sales has been through online channels,  the venture into boutique retail stores has been a success and I have received great feedback and results when customers are able to see the tangible product.

All in all, I am very excited to continue developing my brand, and am thinking of new ideas and products which can be added to our next collection

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You can find all of Kiran's products on the PennedBlack website, including some very cute designs for all year round.

Ainsley and Kat