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As all pet owners will know, our four legged friends are fully fledged members of the family. They give us love, support and companionship amongst many other things. We also know how much we love to treat them with new toys and accessories, and how unsightly most of them can be. Enter StyleDog, a company that has curated the most beautiful (and practical) dog accessories we’ve ever seen. From simple monochrome to classy coloured pieces in both leather and durable fabric options, there is something for everyone. We caught up with Joanne to find out about how StyleDog came to be.

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Tell us about StyleDog, where did it all begin and what was your vision?

The idea for StyleDog first began when my husband and I picked up our dachshund, Molly, four and a half years ago. We struggled to find her stylish products and ended up buying a bed online from America and paid almost as much in shipping as the bed was worth (gasp!). Fast forward three years I started to look at the idea seriously while on maternity leave from my digital marketing job. After doing a little research, I realised there were a number of brands creating beautiful products but there was still a gap in the market for an online retailer focusing on premium dog wares here in Australia. So StyleDog was born. The vision was to create a go-to destination for stylish, individual and great quality dog wares. I wanted to stock Australian and International brands with a preference towards the products being either handmade, natural products, unique designs, the best quality and most of all - products that you wouldn’t typically find in the big pet shops.

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How do you go about sourcing your products?

Inspiration and sourcing comes from a number of locations. Social media, especially Instagram, plays a big part as there is a huge ‘dog’ community there. I also follow various trade shows and industry publications closely.

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What does a typical day at StyleDog look like?

Ha! a typical day. I don’t think that exists! As it’s only me working on the business, I wear many hats! Any typical day could include packing orders, customer service, sourcing, marketing, photography… the list goes on.


What are you top tips for investing in quality pet accessories?

I think one of the most important items to invest well in is your dog bed. Find a classic one that you love, that won’t date and you won’t get sick of. Buying quality means it will last a lifetime so you shouldn’t have to replace it. You also want to choose something that will fit in with your interior style now but also be classic enough that it will still suit your interiors should your taste evolve. (Because, gone are the days where you have to hide the dog bed in the laundry when visitors pop in!). Oh and washable covers are a must! I’d say a good quality and comfortable collar or harness is the other essential item. In most cases, dogs wear them 24/7 so you want something long lasting and most of all comfortable for them to wear. Look for natural materials and strong hardware.

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What is on the horizon for StyleDog?

The first year for StyleDog was all about trial and error and this year will be about growth. We will continue to expand our product categories (still looking for the perfect dog bowls!), look for possible collaborations and I am playing with the idea of creating my own line of products.

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To treat your four legged family member to some beautiful, well made and fashionable accessories and toys head on over to the StyleDog website.

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Ainsley and Kat