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It is not often that you find a product that is equally as beautiful as it is functional. When we discovered the Tasteology product range, we knew that we had to share them with you! The range includes salt, pepper and spice mixes as well as infused olive oils. We recently spoke to Tasteology Co-Founder Sara Lundgren about her wonderful products.

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Tell us about Tasteology, where did it all begin and what was your vision?

Behind Tasteology are partners Sara and Nigel. Nigel has always been passionate about cooking and gourmet food, and Sara is a sucker for beautiful packaging, so by combining the two Tasteology was born! Nigel was always on the lookout for new and exciting ingredients and spices to experiment with in his kitchen  - meanwhile Sara was getting tired of having boxes and jars and packets of all kinds of spices and ingredients taking over her precious kitchen benchtop space. The need for a range of gourmet condiments that not only used the best of natural ingredients, but was also packaged beautifully was starting to emerge!

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What importance was placed on sourcing natural and ethical ingredients?

There are so many farmers and producers of beautiful ingredients and we always try to support local producers when possible. Having said that, we definitely travel the world searching for the best ingredients so our products have ingredients sourced form all over the world. Before a new salt mix is created we spend a lot of time experimenting with new herbs and spices and researching where we can find the best quality ingredients for our new creation.  Our sage is grown in Bolivia, the Majoram we use is from Morocco and our peppercorns are harvested in Vietnam.

All of our products are 100% natural and no preservatives or additives have been incorporated into the mix. Unlike other flavoured salts that may use artificial flavouring oils, the taste you get from our Tasteology salts come straight from the herbs used and is completely natural.

Our Sea Salt is ethically sourced from the Great Barrier Reef. To harvest the salt a large quantity of water  from the most pristine parts of the barrier reef is trapped and allowed it to evaporate naturally in the sun. Once this process is over we are left with flake shards, which are then broken in to crystals to create rock salt. The main difference from your run of the mill rock salt is that our salt has not been pumped, refined or gone through any process to achieve the end result. Naturally dried, and shattered by a manual process.   

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How did you go about branding your products to suit the needs of a design conscious foodie?

Our motto is always less is more so we have tried to keep our branding as simple as possible, and really let the ingredients be the visual hero.

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What’s next for Tasteology?

We're already experimenting with some new ingredients to create a new range of gourmet products. we're hoping to have these released in August this year!

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The Tasteology range including handy product refills can be purchased via their website and at selected specialty retailers. We cannot wait to get back into the Monochrome Life HQ kitchen and continue to cook with these products. 

Ainsley and Kat