The Right Remedy


Rohr Remedy is an Australian skin care company that utilises the benefits of our unique Australian bush natives.  They have combined Australian bush medicines with scientifically proven pharmaceutical formulas to create eight products for face and body.  The entire range is made with natural ingredients which are sourced from local Indigenous communities.  With sleek minimalistic packaging and delicious scents these products are definitely one to try.  


Tell us a bit about Rohr Remedy. Where did it all begin? And what was your vision when you created it?

We had seen first hand the extraordinary power of Australian bush medicines while working with the last people to come out of the desert in the Kimberley, the Yulparija who still practiced traditional medicine. So we often assisted in collecting and making extracts for various allments (we have been doing this since 1998, which was when the seed was planted). The land rights movement saw the ranger program and land councils looking for ways to generate work, and business opportunities for the next generations, using their traditional country. We had chemists, and dermatologists in the family, and so decided to merge our expertise to develop a range of skin care that celebrates and ulitilizes the extra potent and healing powers of the Australian Botanicals, while working with Traditional land owners.


How do you go about sourcing ingredients and creating your products?

We work with communities we have known for over 30 years. We work with our friends, family and countrymen. We have long established relationships, and ties to the Kimberley community and also to Arnhem land and Central Australia. We then work with family formulas to modify them with our cosmetic scientist and dermatologist, and pharmacist to develop the formulations, then we get everything tested in order to comply with all the various world wide regulatory bodies.


What are you daily essentials? What should we do every day to/for our skin to keep it in its best health?

A friend of mine in Broome once said to me, you know why you white women (I am super fair Irish skin) always look dried out, especially in dry season, you never oil. Us black women love to oil our skin, wise words…. At the end of the day it is leather, oil it and it lasts longer and looks better. So moisturize from both the inside and out, Hydrate by drinking water, and put a moisturizer on every day.


What are your top tips for keeping skin looking and feeling great in the Winter months?

In winter the air can be drier and the wind more damaging, so I tend to use an oil more. I put the Boab oil on each night, and under makeup as a primer, then use a moisturizer in the morning. I also love to give my skin a boost, often in the afternoon with the kakadu plum and vitamin C serum. Our gumbi gumbi lip balm is the bomb in winter. It really is a miracle lip balm, and also being a natural anti-viral it offers extra protection from the winter colds and flu.


Where would you like to see Rohr Remedy in the future?

I think people are not sick when using everyday skin care, and so I think we need to use the great gifts nature gave us. Australia has some of the most unique and potent and miraculous plants in the world, they are rare and powerful, and it is so crazy we do not harness the amazing gift. Natural oils and extracts work with your skin we are complex organisms, with amazing body chemistry and organic chemistry works with us and balances our skin in a way that is much gentler. I would like the whole world to know the beauty of our plants, as I think everyone can benefit.


To find out more about the ingredients used in the Rohr products or to purchase some for yourself head on over to their website

Ainsley and Kat