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Gone are the days where activewear is confined to exercise, it is a part of our everyday lives now.  Whether it be for the gym, an outdoor walk or to complete errands it’s a favourite for many people. Zyler is a Geelong based brand that is bringing comfort and style to the activewear department in droves.  Sleek and simple designs in basic colours and a squat proof legging has us won over for sure. We spoke with owner and creator Bec to find out more about her brand.

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Tell us about Zyler Active, where did it all begin and what was your vision?

Zyler came about when I was on maternity leave with my second child. I decided there was a chance for me to try something new and to see if I could run my own business from home. I have always loved activewear but I couldn’t find exactly what I was after and at a reasonable price. Over 6 months I developed Zyler and launched in July 2018.

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What were your priorities when designing your active wear range?

I wanted to be able to offer a pair of leggings that were high waisted, squat proof, comfortable and affordable. I went for a classic style with the leggings as the product itself was the most important aspect to me. I wanted them to be the leggings that you always wanted to wear when going to exercise.

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What does a typical day at Zyler Active look like?

A typical day for me includes doing some research on what I’m going to post on social media to try and connect with the audience. I answer emails or enquires and send orders that have been placed I look into what future products I’d like to include in the Zyler range.

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Tell us about how your active wear parties work?

Activewear parties are a lot of fun! They are a great opportunity to catch up with your girlfriends or family members while looking at activewear and shopping! We have our range set up in your home like a pop up shop. If the host makes a certain amount of sales they have the opportunity to get free items or reduced priced items. Potentially the host can have a party and get a free pair of leggings. They are a lot of fun!

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What is on the horizon for Zyler Active?

I am hoping to get out and about with the pop up shops in Gyms and local fitness businesses. This way I can connect with customers on a more personal level and really show the quality of the range. Moving forward there are a few products I have in mind and will be looking to include in my current range in the future.


We love the quality and versatility of the Zyler Active range, especially with added features like back pockets in their tights and high waisted designs. You can check out the full Zyler range via their website.

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