As Daisy Does

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Nestled in a shed at the river end of Newtown, As Daisy Does is not your traditional florist. Owner Daisy Gubbins and her team not only specialise in wedding blooms but are also well known for their extensive range of indoors plants that are sure to suite any style.  This eclectic space is also used for onsite classes and events - including the recent Clare and Clay workshop and the BG Designs clutch and pillow making class. 

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Tell us about As Daisy Does, where did it all begin?

It began with my grandma, she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to flowers and plants. I kept coming back to flowers and I think it all comes back to her influence growing up.

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You carry a wide variety of plants in your store. How do you go about making these selections?

The more plants the better! We love to have a super large range of plants so that anyone that comes in can find something that suits their requirements. I like to send all the girls plant shopping as we all have different tastes, this means we get a huge variety. I personally tend to grab anything weird and whacky, I love a plant that is hard to find.

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What are your favourite indoor plants?

My favourites at the moment are cactus (San Pedro is my numero uno), Rhipsalis for their whacky cascading foliage and Umbrella trees because they are so hardy, affordable and lush.

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Indoor plants often get a bad rap for being hard to look after. What are your top expert tips for looking after them?

I find overwatering is one of the biggest issues our customers have, the poor things are killed with kindness. Make sure your plant has a good drainage system in place and monitor your watering regime closely. Pick the right plant for your space, don't put a plant that thrives in a tropical jungle into your cold dark flat... it just ain't going to have a good time. Watch for problems closely, too often people bring us a dead stick in a pot and say 'what's wrong with it?' ... That, my friend, is a seriously dead plant. As soon as you see an issue arising get on it!

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What is next for As Daisy Does?

We are excited to be opening a second shop in Leopold, watch this space ! We are also now doing trade prices for businesses and developing our own range of indoor pots and plant props. These should be available within six months.

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You can find Daisy and the team at 16 Rutland Street, Newtown. More information can be found on their website.  While you are in the area be sure to cross the road to sip on a coffee from the Neighbour cafe and spend some time exploring the works at Boom Gallery.

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Ainsley and Kat