Bell Frankie

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A strong passion for fashion and jewellery design, Bell Frankie and Co. founder Amy Ardlie was destined to harness her inner creativity. Amy's designs have become a staple in every women's wardrobe with her jewellery appearing all across the spring carnival and even at the Logies. A key theme across all of the Bell Frankie ranges is versatility. Each design can be used to elevate an outfit or paired back with jeans and a basic tee for a fun look.  We recently caught up with the busy mum of three at her Malvern Store. 

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Tell us about Bell Frankie, where did it all begin and what was your vision?

The idea to start Bell Frankie came about after having my first child about 5 years ago, I realised I loved being a mum but wanted to feel creative again too. I had worked in fashion for 10+ years and before studding fashion I had done Jewellery course at Monash Uni, so I guess its was just a collaboration of what I had learnt, what had got me to where I was, together with the desire to create something I felt was missing in the current market place.

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What inspires your designs and what does your design process look like?

I think what inspires me is everything around me. I love obviously looking at the runways and overseas trends, but also love being inspired by interior design, art, plants and gardens, travel, and regular things like Instagram and Pinterest. I pull everything that I am loving together and decide on a clear direction and then cram the designing of the range, into a week or so. Its very long nights and usually I'm working to a tight timeline, but its when I feel my most creative, when I am under pressure.

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What are your tips for wearing statement earrings?

Go big and don't be afraid! Earrings can make an outfit, so worry less about what you are wearing and go punchy on jewellery. I love wearing everyday clothing like a basic black dress and putting it back with big gold hoops or jeans, t-shirt and a blazer with maybe a floral head scarf and then do something fun and colourful on my ears.

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What is your favourite piece that you have created and why? 

I guess I would have to say the Gigi earrings, they are by far my best seller. I have been selling the same style for now maybe 4 years and we are about to release our 19th colour way. People just love them, they collect them and I think its because they look good on absolutely everyone.

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What is next for Bell Frankie?

Next for Bell Frankie + Co. is to offer a bigger range and release ranges more frequently. Go further into wholesale and get it into more stores around Australia. It can sometimes be a bit of a juggle doing it all with 3 very young kids, but it is my passion and I love it.

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Amy has just released a new range of tortoise shell earrings which is to die for (queue actual squeals at Monochrome HQ when we saw the range). These and all of her designs can be found on the Bell Frankie and Co. website. We look forward to venturing back to see Amy in the coming months. 

Ainsley and Kat