The Wellness Studio

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Down a quiet unassuming street in Belmont lies a relaxation haven.  The Wellness Studio Geelong, which offers three different types of alternative therapies including floatation tanks, an infared sauna and salt room therapy is one of Geelong's top wellness destinations.  The friendly and knowledgeable staff at the studio are there to help you on your way to optimising your overall health and wellbeing.  We recently popped in for a visit to find out a little bit more about their story and what the benefits of each therapy are. 

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Tell us about The Wellness Studio, where did it all begin and what was your vision?

When we first opened, the business was driven by owner Rod Barratt's passion for floating. Being ahead of the game back in the 80’s, Rod was the first to bring floatation to Geelong. After 30 years, Rod saw that there was a need for a space where individuals could immerse themselves in the holistic benefits of natural, science-based alternative therapies and optimise their overall health and wellbeing. This past experience and thriving passion is what made the Wellness Studio the place it is today.

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What are some of the benefits of floatation tanks?

Floatation is the ultimate relaxation experience! Immerse yourself in 360kg of Epsom salt solution heated precisely to skin temperature (34.5°C) and feel the stresses of the day just float away. Floatation aims to remove sources of discomfort and stress through depriving the senses of all external stimulation. For the body, the benefits include an acceleration in physical recovery and performance and the alleviation of symptoms of both acute and chronic pain. This is achieved by being suspended in the Epsom salt (Magnesium sulfate) solution giving a feeling of complete weightlessness. The beneficial effect on mental health comes from the unique environment that triggers the relaxation response in the body and encourages a deep, restful relaxation, which results in the decrease of stress hormones, a replenishing of neurotransmitters, and the release of endorphins.

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What are some of the benefits of salt room therapy?

Sit back, relax and breathe in the salt-filled air to eliminate congestion and boost the immune system. The 100% pure pharmaceutical grade salt particles in the air have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory & antihistamine properties. This can help to relieve a wide range of respiratory, sinus and skin conditions. This natural therapy is the perfect substitute to harsh medications, and enables it’s users to achieve optimal wellbeing.

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What are some of the benefits of infrared saunas?

Infrared rays (IR) in our private sauna heat the body right to the core and penetrate deeply into the joints, muscle and tissue. IR heat helps eliminate sweat and toxins deep within the body, reduce inflammation, as well as increase oxygen flow and circulation. As a result of regular sauna use, people can achieve an array of health benefits including an improved immune function, a boost to energy levels and accelerated physical recovery.

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What advice would you give for someone who has never tried these therapies before?

A great place to start is to try out each therapy, either individually or together. This can allow you to see which one you respond to and enjoy best. Each person comes to the studio for a range of different reasons, and that’s where our team of friendly, supportive and knowledgeable staff can help answer any of your questions to support you along your journey to wellness.

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Where would you like to see The Wellness Studio in the future?

In the near future we’re excited to see our renovations completed, which will mean beautiful new spaces, therapy upgrades and more on offer for our clients. Another thing that we look forward to in the future is more community driven initiatives. We love being able to collaborate and share the message of wellness and optimal living with like minded individuals as well as those in need.

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The Wellness Studio has gotten on board the Plastic Free July movement and are giving you the chance to turn you trash into treasure.  Show them proof that you have collected and appropriately disposed of a bag of rubbish that you have picked up from around the community to receive a FREE session in their salt therapy room. Talk about incentive to get out and do your bit for the community and the environment! Get yourselves down to shop 11/17 Stephen Street in Belmont and give one or all three of their therapies a go, we promise that you won't regret it!

Ainsley and Kat